Aula Hispánica

School in the Pyrenees

Aula Hispánica is situated in Jaca, a city in northeastern Spain, 20 km to the border with France in the midst of the Pyrenees in the province of Huesca. Aula Hispánica has more than 15 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Our teachers have the university degree and they have the professional ability for teaching Spanish. Aula Hispánica is accreditated by the Cervantes Institute to take the official exam DELE.

Our method is based on the idea of immersing the student in the Spanish language. For each level of course, students will work with texts and the correspondent didactic material.

Courses will emphasize oral communication (spoken Spanish) through specific exercises designed for exactly this purpose.
The Aula Hispánica also offers free Wifi connection only for our students and a library, where the student can reinforce the linguistic aspects that are more difficult to learn. We organize also exchange with the local people for improving their oral skills if the students wants.