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Activities in the Pyrenees

From our language school we also organize for our students different kind of sport and cultural activities related to the pyrenees montains and its nature wealth. You will be able to see from spectacular large ascents to the serenity of a ride on horseback or the curious walk of the hikers, including the tension of climbing, the dizziness of the white waters or the freedom of flight: these are only some exemples of the possibilities that the pyrenees mountain hold. We promise you a whole new sensations and experiences to discover and enjoy!

Rock climbing on pyrenees mountain:
The Alto Aragon is a privileged enclave to practice rock climbing in its two variants, sports and classical. The different rock formations offer a wide range of possibilities to develop difficult paths. The climbing schools provide a grat variety of itineraries in sports climbing due to the lithological changes.

High mountain trekking on pyrenees mountain:
Some 200 mountain of more than three thousand metres above sea level, the majority of them in the Aragonese Pyrenees mountain, an enormous number of peaks of more than two thousand metres and the most southern glaciers in Europe are elements that enable us to get an idea of the magnitude of this mountain range. An ideal framework and the excellent support for a good network of mountain shelters, situated at strategic points, offer a wide range of mountain possibilities in winter, spring and summer, not forgetting the chromatic and peaceful autumn.

Trekking on pyrenees mountain:
This sport is the best and simplest way of enjoying and getting to know the territory in depth.
The calm of the walker helps him feel part of everything that surrounds him, the countryside, the villages and the people, their way of life. Aragón and the Aragonese Pyrenees mountain in particular have a very wide network of signposted paths. Long Run (GR) and Small Run (PR). These are for exemple, the GR11 Trans-Pyrenean Path, GR 1 Historical Path, GR 15 Pre-Pyrenaen Path and GR16 Serrablo Paths.

Canyoning on pyrenees mountain:
Large differences in level in small stretches and large flow volumes make the Pyrenean rivers an excellent territory to practice activities in white waters: kayak, canoeing, rafting, hydrospeed or hot dog are the different modalities that are going to enable us to experience and feel the strength of the water.

Canyoning is becoming a more and more popular sport in this region. It requires a good knowledge of this area, of the necessary techniques and the support of professional guides, who accompany us in the activity. Among the canyons that can be found in the large Pyrenean massifs, Sierra de Guara stands out, in the Pre-Pyrenees, which amasses one of the largest and most spectacular series of canyons in Europe.

Mountain cycling on pyrenees mountain:
This activity has enabled bicycle lovers to extend their field of action to the rural and mountain tracks on pyrenees mountain, as well as to open the doors of this sport to those who have always preferred walking. The low and medium Pyrenean mountain have the necessary ingredients to satisfy all our expectations: peace, enjoyment of the countryside and the possibility of covering considerable distances in one single day. A great attraction for cyclo-tourism, the greatest travelling modality of cycling, is the track of the Road to Santiago through the Aragonese Pyrenees mountain.

Horse Riding on pyrenees mountain:
It is a modality of green tourism and another example of nature-friendly leisure. Enjoying riding in a privileged environment, feeling the strength of the horse and the serenity of the walk are some of the most typical aspects of this sport.
The forest tracks, paths, bridle paths and cattle tracks, which cover the mountain Pyrenean are the transit points for horse and rider. Scattered all over the Aragonese Pyrenees mountain there are numerous places where horse can be hired out.

Hunting and Fishing on pyrenees mountain:
The rich variety of vegetation and fauna, as well as the high river levels, permit the practice of hunting and fishing. There are many reserves and private hunting grounds of all kinds spread out all over the mountain pyrenees range, converting these territories into a privileged position for lovers of these sports.