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Etymology of Spanish words

Castilian or Spanish?

It is peculiar to see the confusion that for many foreigners and even for some Spaniards supposes when they have to denominate the language “Spanish"(español) or "Castilian" (castellano). In very few languages exists a similar doubt, but in Spain it is so because of historical causes.

Arabic influence in Spanish language

Many studies and investigations corroborate that it can not be avoided the fact of the important patrimony of Arab origin in Spain and arabic influence in spanish language, in its culture and language. A patrimony of historical character whose more genuine expression is in the reflected speech and in the language. In this article we are going to explain you this Arab influence in the language and Spanish culture.

The origin of the words II

We often speak without really realizing where the words come from; why we use a particular word and not another one for saying something. It's peculiar to know the origin of our language, the Spanish and in many cases, we see that it is simply an anecdotal cause that create a word or term. In this article we are going to present you some peculiar words by its origins.

Etymological origin of the week days

In this article we are going to explain you the origin of the names of the week days in Spanish. The word semana (week) comes from septimana (seven days). The names of the days come from seven celestial objects that ancient Greeks saw moving in the sky.

Origin of «Ñ»

This letter was born of the necessity to represent a new sound, nonexistent in Latin. At the beginning of century XII, the Spanish clerks began to use graphical accent (a small waved line situated upon the letter) to simplify the doubled letters.

Origin of the words I

It's interesting to know where do the meaning of the words come from, although the main spanish words come from Greek, Latin and Arabic, there is in addition a great Anglo-Saxon influence. For example, we are going to see in some of these cases how we take some words and uses from English.