Aula Hispánica

Learn Spanish in Jaca

Adventure sports in the Pyrenees

The Spanish school Aula Hispánica is situated in the city of Jaca, in the middle of the Pyrenees, where students have the possibility to do different kind of activities all year round, depending on their interest. In this article we offer a summary of some of these activities.

International Folk Festival

If you are thinking of taking part in taking part in a Spanish school in Spain, we sincerely recommend you to come to Jaca during the first week of August.

This year is the 50th International Folk Music and Dance Festival of the Pyrenees. From 31th July till 4th August the city of Jaca will receive a total of 1200 participants from 25 countries of the five continents. An international feeling will dominate again the old city center.

The countries which have already participated in previous editions are: the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Kenia, Egypt, Kirgyztan, Russia, Daghestan, Serbia, Scotland, Austria, Japan, Venezuela, Indonesia, Meriel Republic, France and Spain.

The origin of the Festival dates from 1963, year in which the first festival was held, and thereafter celebrated every two years alternating between Oloron (France) and Jaca. Held in the Spanish town on uneven years and in the French town on even years.

Further information you can find at: International Folk Festival Pyrenees

Jaca, ready to receive the olympic festival

The city of Jaca is arranging the last preparations to receive the next 18th of February to all the participants of the FOJE. The countdown has already begun and Jaca starts to welcome the Olympic Festival of European Youth.

The cave of Las Guïxas

Only fifteen minutes by car from Jaca, you will have the oportunity to discover the most unique and special caves you have ever seen in the Pyrenees before.

Pass of Jaca in the Santiago de Compostela Way

The story of the pilgrim way to Santiago de Compostela brings us back to a time thousands of years ago, when the Celts covered great distances, passing the Pyrenees in Spain crossed Jaca, until they arrived to "Finis Terrae", where they found peace for their soul.

The Fiestas of Jaca

Spain has an extraordinary amount and variety of traditional festivities. Some of them are well known internationally such as Pamplona's Sanfermines and the Tomatina, an orgy of tomato-throwing. Almost all Spanish fiestas mark dates in the Catholic Christian calendar but many of them have origins stretching back to primitive pagan times.

European youth olympic festival

44 countries have already confirmed their participation next February in the European Youth Olympic Festival with 1,289 athletes and technical staff and 143 officials from the Olympic committees, a significant increase on the figure of 1,200 participants initially estimated. These figures confirm the great sporting success of the Festival and the reputation it has acquired over the last few years under the auspices of the international Olympic movement.

History of Jaca

The Spanish school Aula Hispánica is situated in the city of Jaca, in the middle of the Pyrenees. In this article we want to give you a small summary of the history of this city and its importance for Spain, specially during the Spanish Civil War.