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New manual to learn and to expalin Spanish syntax

Nominal or verbal syntagma, direct and indirect complements, subject and predicate... For many students and teachers the simple mention of these concepts represents a real desperation. The publishing company Edición Personal Edition has recently published the book Analizar es fácil, written by Patricia Rodriguez and Laia Benito. It is the first manual in the market to understand the Spanish syntax in a clear and concise form.

The objective of Analizar es fácil: sintaxis escolar para ESO y Bachillerato is to provide to students and teachers a good manual with which will be easier for them to understand the difficulties of syntax analysis. "Students, as they do not understand sometimes well what they do, they tend to memorize the contents and after they realize that there are some exceptions and they don't know how to solve them", explains Patricia Rodriguez. "A book with these characteristics doesn't exist yet in the market, in which is included a detailed explanation and doubts that are between the students", affirms the author.

The book is focused to a wide public: in one hand, to language teachers who will find an easy theory to explain and a great variety of examples to use in class. And in the other hand, students will have a good handbook of consultation that will accompany them during some courses.

Patricia got a degree in Philosophy and Letters and is a language teacher in a highschool of Alcalá de Henares and meet Laia Benito in Internet. With the common problematic that both teachers found in their centers with teaching and learning the syntax, they decided to write a clear and simple manual that unified criteria and that would be a good tool without "ambiguities and incoherences", explains Patricia Rodriguez.

Laia Benito was born and lives in the city of Barcelona. She studied Hispanic Philology, Theory of Literature and Literature Compared, and now she teach languages to teenagers in a non profit organization.