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Spanish in the world

What is Spanglish?

Spanglish is a hybrid «language» made up from Spanish by introducing English terms instead of translating them or by using wrong translations. With more than 35 million of Latin Americans, the United States is one of the most important region of Hispanic origin population in the world. Through the coexistence of Spanish with English is born spanglish.

Spanish language history in Latin America

When Columbus arrived in America in 1492, the Spanish language was already consolidated in Spain, since during XIV and XV centuries took place some historical and idiomatic facts that contributed to Castilian dialect to conceive in a solider way than the other Romance dialects that were spoken in Spain, in addition to the orthographic normalization and the appearance of the Nebrija Grammar; but in this new world another process began call «hispanización», the consolidation of this language,

Spanish language in Hong Kong

The beginnings of the education of Spanish language in Hong Kong go back to the Seventies thanks a Hispanic Society. The first reason of being of this association was to offer to the spanish speakers, specially Latin American and Philippine residents in Hong Kong, in which there were members of Chinese origin, a frame to maintain social relationships. From this situation began the first Spanish courses, given first by monks or ex- monks. During the first years, approximately two third parts of the pupils were British of the colonial Government of Hong Kong, who normally had properties in Spain and the rest was Chinese.

Spanish in other countries than Spain and Latin America

We want to explain you in this article the different places where Spanish is spoken, besides Spain and Latin America. There are four important countries where Spanish is used as a primary language or as a second official language.