Aula Hispánica


Jaca, a ford on the Aragón River at the intersection of two great early medieval routes, one from Pau to Zaragoza, was the fortified city out of which the County and Kingdom of Aragon developed: it was the capital of Aragon until 1097. The city exhibits its medieval history with it's stone walls, buildings and cobblestone streets. The San Pedro Cathedral, one of the oldest in the Iberian peninsula (1170) is of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in Spain . The surrounding mountains, covered with snow in winter and green pastures in the summer, provide a clear reflection of the extraordinary and unique landscape of the Pyrenees. Since the 9th century, Jaca has been a resting point on the Camino de Santiago and is still frequented today by hikers descending down the Valley of Aragon from the mountain pass of Somport on the French-Spanish border.
At the Aula Hispánica, we have some of the best facilities in Spain, offering a studious and friendly environment in which to learn or improve your Spanish skills in an area still undiscovered by foreign tourists. Jaca provides a small and welcoming environment where it's easy be integrated in the local culture, discovering unique landscapes and traditions. Aula Hispanica is a part of the local social network and can provide you with contacts to get in touch with native people and become integrated into the community. The city of Jaca is very well connected to the rest of Spain by bus and train. One of the most cheap way to arrive to Jaca is with Raynair, that recently offers low-cost flights to Zaragoza or from Pau (south France) to Canfranc by bus.