Aula Hispánica

How to arrive in Jaca

You can buy all the tickets on Internet now, but if you are not used to it, let us know the number of people coming and the place you get to and we will find out the cost of a van or taxi so they can give you a lift.

FROM MADRID: Get the underground (metro) or the bus from the airport to Atocha train station. Once there, you can choose between.
- Get the train: RENFE
Timetable you can check at: TIMETABLE
You have to book Madrid - Zaragoza or Madrid - Huesca
The place you get to in Zaragoza or Huesca is both, train and bus station. You get a direct bus from there to Jaca.
The bus company is: ALOSA BUSES
Timetable and prices at: ALOSA ROUTES
- Get the bus (it's longer but funnier): Alsa - Alosa
When you arrive at Atocha train station, you will have to take the metro/ underground: Line 1 (blue) direction “Congosto” and after three stops, you'll arrive at ”Pacifico” stop. Then you have to take Line 6 (grey) direction “Cuatro Caminos” and after three stops you arrive at “Sainz de Baranda” stop. There you have to change lines and take Line 9 (violet) direction Herrera Oria. After 4 stops you will arrive at Av. de America and right there you have the bus station. Get a ticket to Zaragoza.
The bus company is ALSA BUSES
In Zaragoza, at the same bus station, take the bus to Jaca.
Timetable and prices at: TIMETABLE

Get the metro or underground from the airport to Barcelona Sants. It's only three or four stops till Sants Estacion (Sants station). There you have to leave the station, cross the street and on the left hand side it is the bus station. It's very easy, isn't it? :) You have to look for Alosa bus company (it's the first one of all the line). If you don't buy the ticket on Internet, first you will have to buy one ticket to Huesca and in Huesca buy another one to Jaca. Don't worry because the bus in Huesca always wait for the people who come from Barcelona.
Timetable and prices: TIMETABLE

There is a bus from the airport to Zaragoza city. Price 1,80 €. For the timetable it's better to call directly +34976229343. If you prefer, a taxi to the city centre costs 30€. At Delicias Station (it's bus and train station) you can buy the bus ticket to Jaca. The timetable and prices are the same as before.

FROM PAU (South France):
You have to take a taxi from the airport to Pau city. They don't offer any bus connection, sorry. At the train station you can take a bus or a train to Bedous.
Timetable and prices at:
Once you arrive in Bedous, at the same train station you will have a bus that goes to Canfranc (the first Spanish town). In Estacion Canfranc, you will have another bus to Jaca.
Timetable and prices at: