We offer an excellent Teacher Development course which cover all aspects of Spanish language teaching. Courses are tailored to your professional needs, and our friendly, qualified trainers are always on hand to offer expert advice. These courses are specially for none native Spanish teachers. We work max. with 6 students per classroom to increase their speaking participation and intervention during the lessons.


Individual grants for language teacher training courses
Grants are available to enable you to participate in courses lasting between one and four weeks, which take place in a country where the target language is spoken and taught. The maximum grant is currently 1500 Euros.

What financial support is on offer?
The grant awarded will be calculated to help cover:
* Travel costs to and from the country where the course is organised
* Subsistence costs
* Preparation costs (including language preparation)
* Course fees where appropriate

How and when to apply for a grant?
The procedure to apply for a grant is as follows:

1. Choose the course that you would like to attend. You should then obtain information about availability of places direct from Aula Hispánica and ask for your pre-registration form.

2. Once you have registered provisionally with Aula Hispánica apply to your National Agency for support to attend your chosen course. Details of how to contact your National Agency are on the web site.

3. Remember that on a Aula Hispánica course you will meet teachers from many different European countries, learn about the way of life in their countries and make lasting professional relationships.

4. As soon as your National Agency approves your application, inform Aula Hispánica and you will be registered for your course. We will keep your place until four weeks before the start of the course. After that date, you will be registered if places are still available.

Check with your National Agency the exact deadline for applications. Dates differ in different EU countries but are usually in March.