- Pakruojis Adult and Youth Education Centre, Pakruojis -Lithuania (Coordinator)
- Balvi Further Education and Human Resources Development Centre, Balvi - Latvia
- Centre Territorial Permanent Adult Education Mons. Aglialoro, Caccamo - Italy
- Aula Hispánica, Jaca - Spain
- Mersin National Education Institution Tarsus Public Education Centre, Tarsus - Turkey
- Kula Public Education Centre, Kula - Turkey

The main goal of this Grundtvig 2 project denominated "STRATFORD" (New Strategies For Promoting Foreign Language Learning in Disadvantaged Areas) is to exchange experiences, practices and methods of education to promote the learning of foreign languages in rural areas.

The partners seek adopt new strategies for enhancing availability of educational opportunities and conditions for geographically, economically and socially disadvantaged learner groups in order to forward changes in their social and economical life. The language learning will be organised on the basis of exchange of culture and way of life in rural areas in order to promote the active citizenship of the mentioned participants. This project will last 3 years and the results will be placed in the project webpage and in a e-book. The part of the latter will serve as a teaching material for foreign language courses in all partner institutions.

DURATION: 2006 - 2009

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