During the last day of III the Congress of Tourism of Cantabria closing session, the philosopher and ex- director of the Cervantes Institute, Jon Juaristi, assured the tourism which is attracted by Spanish courses is increasing and even if it is not a tourism of masses, it means a important economic sector.

Juaristi emphasized that a Spanish language school or institution must to be not an academy of languages, but a place of cultural attraction because, otherwise, the game is lost, because the Spanish student wants to understand the language, culture, songs and films in Spanish.

The author of El bucle melancólico emphasized that Spanish is in rise as an international language and the conjuncture is favorable for the creation of training centers. As they have done it in Antigua (Guatemala) that practically they live on the linguistic tourism and it's also done in Spain in Salamanca, Toledo and the University of Alcala de Henares that offer Spanish language and numerous Spanish cultural activities.

Comillas Project
In opinion of Juaristi, the new Comillas center in Cantabria to study the Spanish language will be a success because it has all the necessary ingredients: there are culture, nature and different centers of tourist attraction. "For Cantabria, the Comillas project will be a cultural factor with very important strategic value for the attraction of tourists", indicated Juaristi. The Comillas center is directed by the Cantabrian Yolanda Soler, local from Comillas.

The well-known university professor of Philology explained that nowadays Spanish is the fourth language of the world, with 400 million speakers and in a short time will become the second language in importance of international relation behind English. Although there are languages that are spoken by more people like Chinese or Arab, Spanish is chosen more and more by students all over the world as a second language behind English. In Manchester, for exemple 35,000 students study Spanish in the Cervantes Institute and Liverpool 40.000.

El Diario Montañes