Students of the Italian highschools chose Spanish as a second foreign language for this course. Furthermore, the number of registrations for the official Certificate examinations DELE of the Spanish language in Italy has increased in 520 from the 2003, according to Cervantes Institute in Rome.

The curriculum proposed by Cervantes Institut establishes a universal Spanish in which the variations of the Spanish speaker community are respecte and provide, besides the bibliographical, musical and audio-visual material in Spanish, new proposals of the center's teachers to present specific aspects of the Spanish culture like Easter, the Way of Santiago or Flamenco, according to the center.

The spreading of the Spanish has meant the agreement signature for exams of November 2007 of the Certificate of Spanish Language (DELE) in Malta.

According to the data of this year, the Cervantes Institute in Rome has registered in the examinations for the official Certificate of Spanish as a foreign language a total of 1887 people, that means an increase in comparision with past years (in 2005 the registrations were 1834; in 2004 they were 1701 and in 2003, 1367). Among these registrations for this official Spanish exam there are students from Rome and some close localities like Ostia, Avezzano or Velletri, and cities of the center from Italy like Florence, Perugia, Pisa and Siena. There is also from 2005 a collaboration agreement with Albania that allows the possibility of doing DELE examinations in the country's capital, Tirana.

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