The Spanish language has an important capacity of expansion as a second language that the institutions, specially the private sector, didn't know to take advantage of. This is one of the conclusions of the first international seminary "Economic Value of Spanish: a multinational company ", that took place recently in Seville.

According to the seminar's codirector, José Antonio Alonso, there is an outstanding spread process of the interest to learn Spanish that institutions don't take advantage of and he remembered that, according to the Cervantes Institute, "there is more than 14 million students of the language in the world".

Alonso considered strange that it doesn't exist great private groups that can take advantage of this market to make business, "as it happens with English", although he indicated the fragmentation of the enterprise structure of this field as the possible reason of this situation.

To spread this potential, the professor of the Complutense University thought that "the attraction of the language depends on the attraction of the economy that there is behind, its technological, scientific and cultural capacity".

According to Alonso, the Spanish-speaking community has as challenge to generate a “creative and attractive society" that promote the interest to learn Spanish, even to the curiosity to discover the Spanish culture and habits.

"If it is managed to conform a Spanish-speaking community very rich, with advertising presence and technical competence, the interest of people to learn Spanish will increase", said Alonso, that didn't forget the significance of the artistic expressions, like cinema or music, in all this process.

Nevertheless, the Spanish expansion will not mean in the future to supplant English like first learned language since "nowadays to speak English it doesn't identify you like part of a community".

In relation to the evolution of the maternal languages, Spanish, that now is the fourth language with around 392 million speakers, will displace English, that at the moment occupies the second position with 478 million people, because of the demographic evolution between other reasons.

Alonso predicted that in five or ten years, Spanish will become the third maternal language more spoken in the world, after Indian, whose rate of evolution is very great, and Chinese.

Spanish contributes to the economy of Spain with a value equivalent to 15% of his Gross National Product (GNP), similar to the tourism and the construction, that represents the three fundamental factors of the inner economy of Spain at the present.