Learn Spanish from every where. This is the most ambitious project of E-learning Spanish presented recently by the Cervantes Institute made together with the Spanish Public Broadcast Television RTVE, Servitecsa (a company of BBVA) and SM publishing company.

The Spanish course, that will try to use the new technology to achive the largest number of learners, will be followed in the Spanish International Canal of TVE 2008 and per Internet from September.

More and more people are interested in learning Spanish and nowadays Spanish is a language spoken by 500 million of people. The Cervantes Institut is many times exceeded by this demand and that's why this institution thinks this course will have a million and a half learners from all the world in 12 months.

To the way of the well-known English course of BBC and the TVE That's English, the project will consist of three levels, according to the three first degrees described in the "European Common Frame of Reference for the languages" (A1, A2 and B1), and will prepare by an examination to get the Spanish Diplom as a Foreign Language (DELE), "This course, besides to give a plus value to the international channel, carries out one of the principles that we have: to spread as much as possible the Spanish culture and language ", declared Luis Fernandez, president of the Corporation of the Public Broadcast television. Tha's why, the course, that prepares to the students for the official examination of Spanish as a foreign language (DELE), will include documentary of the Spanish speakers countries and interviews of important figures of the culture, sport or policy.

In addition to the transmission in the Public Broadcast television TVE, an interactive website will be launched in which the students will be able to register, to download didactic material and to communicate with their tutor. The student will also have 8,000 screens of interactive and multimedia activities of Spanish virtual classroom of the Cervantes Institute and nine education manual with three student guides, published by publishing company SM.