Next 20th June the Spanish Day will be held in all Cervantes Institute Centres, an open day which aims the development of the visibility of the Spanish language in the world and to create a meeting point for all Spanish speakers.

This celebration will try to mantain the continuity over the time and it will always take place next Saturday at the Summer solstice. This initiative of the Cervantes Institute wants to celebrate the value of Spanish as international communication language. During this day different kind of activities have organized and all of them have as epicenter “the word”, based on how Spanish is appreciated, a language of relationship, happy, warm and diverse. Spanish Day is designed as a festive day to enjoy with the family.

Some of the activities will be held:

The world, a large poem
- Storyteller of Spanish and Latin American writers
- The good life
- The Spanish Day in concert
- Workshop of children's writting

Further information of this event at El Dia e