The XVI Pirineos Sur music festival of this year will focus on rivers and provide music produced around the most well-known rivers of the world. The cultural diversity and the environment changes will be the base of this new edition of Pirineos Sur, a very important cultural meeting during each Summer in all Europe.

Rivers will be the main theme of the XVI Pirineos Sur festival that will take place in July in Sallent de Gállego (middle of the Pyrenees) some of the music bands that come from the main rivers that cross continents and unite countries.

26 shows prepared will take the audience from the Senegal river to the indo and Ganjes, from Rio Grande to the Nile without forgetting those who cross the iberian peninsula as Ebro or Tajo.

Between the 12th and the 28th of July artists like Teresa Salgueiro, Jorge Drexler (Uruguayan singer who won an oscar) or Toumani Diabate will alternate on the "floating" stage over the lake of Lanuza. On the 12th of july the program of the festival offers a trip along the Senegal river with Doudo N'Diaye and Vivian N'Tour and will go on a day later, with a concert dedicated to Danubio and some of their artists are most known.

River Indo will open a space for the concerts of Cheb i Sabbah &1002 Nights, Riffat Salamat Sultana and the Asian Dub Foundation. Both sides of Río Grande will be represented in Pirineos Sur by Ozomatli (US) and Panteón Rococó (México), the Tajo with portuguese Teresa Salgueiro, former singer from Madredeus and The Gift.

The "Rio de la Plata" will bring to Lanuza Cristobal Repetto, Juan Carlos Gody and Jorge Drexler, and the Ganjes will reveal the spirituality thanks to Dhoad Gipsy of Rajasthan (India) and the Guadalquivir (Andalousia), the flamenco mis of Antonio Carmona and Diego Carrasco.

Festival will go back to Africa in order to navigate with Natacha Atlas and United Nubians Feat DJ Medy Soul and will head up north in order to reach the Ebro and listen to aragonese and Catalan musicians.

Pirineos Sur will end in the Niger with toumani Diabate's Symmetric Orchestra and Oumou Sangaré.

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