- Aula Hispánica, Jaca - Spain (Coordinator)
- European Institute, Copenhagen - Denmark
- Community Training Partnership International, Cwmbran - UK
- European Association of Teachers, Rome - Italy
- The Protestant Adult Education of Lower Saxony, Leer - Germany
- University of Sunderland, Sunderland - UK
- Association of Italian Language Schools, Rome - Italy

The Pilgrim Way - Route To Cultural and Social Integration in Europe Partnership (PILGWAY) aims to further heighten the level of cultural awareness and mutual understanding among the various nationalities within Europe. Walking small parts of different pilgrim ways in Europe and working through interactive workshops and practical activities, we will get a deeper appreciation of the various cultures, heritage and values which will then foster mutual respect and tolerance, thereby enhancing European citizenship and promoting a sense of belonging to the European Union.

This Partnership will examine how the use of personal reflection can help to promote personal development, intercultural awareness and active European citizenship. Learning in this project touches different part of human being. The project aims to help break personal, cultural and social frontiers and look for possibilities to put European adult learners in contact so they could apply reflective practice authentically.

The project is also lined up to Lisbon strategy, for which the knowledge-based economy requires citizens capable of adapting to changes, of acquiring the knowledge and aptitudes enabling them to deal with a complex society.

The project idea is to organize a number of participative learning visits whereby learners will be exposed to key aspects of the culture, values and ways of life of the participant countries.

Prior to each visit, extensive preparatory activities will be undertaken. These will include advance information on essential aspects of the host partner's culture undertaken by the host partner and a collaborative learning activity or task undertaken by the learners.

The learners will have been introduced to basic information about the country to be visited, using IT and implementing the Web 2.0 tools.

DURATION: 2008 - 2010

WEBSITE: PilgrimWay