The last 19 of June the Aragonese philologist, José Manuel Blecua, was chosen as a new member of the Real Academy for the seat H, occupied before by Emilio Lorenzo. Carlos Castilla del Pino will also take the seat Q, that was free from the death of D. Camilo José Cela.

Professor of Spanish Language in the Autónoma University of Barcelona, José Manuel Blecua Perdices (Zaragoza, 1939) assess his entrance in the Spanish Real Academy as the top of his career. Son of the philologist José Manuel Blecua Teijeiro, contributes to the Academy with his deep knowledge of America and his baggage as academic director of the Cervantes Institute and the acts of IV the centenary of the ' Quijoté

This warm and generous man knows well the works that the Academy has done. It is more than three years ago that he has been collaborating with Ignacio Bosque in the preparation of the Grammar and he is the head of the Phonology section of this important work of reference that will be finished next year. But Sunday his formal incorporation will take place to RAE with a solemn ceremony and the speech titled "Principles of the Authorities Dictionary".

The Aragonese philologist knows well the reality of Catalonia because he lives and works in Barcelona for more than forty years ago, and he assures that "the coexistence between Spanish and Catalan is perfect in all the territory". "It always can be somebody that feels harmed in his rights, but, in general, the coexistence within the Catalan society is very harmonic", affirms Blecua.