The San Juan night coincides with the Summer solstice and it's the welcome to Summer. This celebration takes place during the shortest night of the year in almost all cities and towns of Spain.

The day eve 24th June is the shortest night of the year and bonfires, fire and water are the protagonists of the night. Men and women, young people and children, all dedicate their days and afternoons to the preparation of bonfires. According to tradition, if people jump three times over a bonfire on San Juan's night, they will be cleansed and purified, and their problems burned away.

The 23th June it is celebrated in the North hemisphere, the longest day of the year; it is not a day like the others, the nature is ready to celebrate a “fiesta”, of great power and magic. Different deities from the nature become apparent in the fields; the farmer thank for the harvests. Also it is the right moment to ask for the fecundity of the Earth and the self humans; everybody has to begin also to store foods to spend the Autumn and Winter.

It is the night of San Juan, night of pagan and religious rites, magical night of the summer solstice, where the fire and the water become protagonists, the fire as a purifying element, the water to recover.

And the importance that is given to these two elements comes from many years ago in different valleys and towns from the Pyrenees, and it is shown in the different celebrations, many of them of ritual character, that all over the pyrenaen mountain take place in that magicial night.