After 20 years of the death of the Argentinian writer, Jorge Luis Borges, his manuscript texts and their life in images will have a place in the mythical Alejandrina Library, in this Egyptian city. The exhibition "Borges, manuscripts and images" will be installed in the spacious room of exhibitions of the monumental library and it will suppose an approach to the life and poetic work of Borges through 80 manuscripts, where there are texts of the author and a some personalities that have been central in his life.

The Argentinian embassy, the Borgesiana Association of Buenos Aires and the Alejandrina Library commemorated in this Mediterranean city swum by centuries of incessant waves and books of all the cultures, the twentieth anniversary of the great writer of Hispanic Literature death. "The library that contains all the libraries and Borges, the reader par excellence, are united today in a magical night, in which almost it seems a miracle", assured Alexander Vaccaro, director of the Borgesiana Association of Buenos Aires, during a conference that was celebrated in Alexandria for the Argentine poet.

Vaccaro explains that he selected the material that make up "Borges, manuscripts and images" with a purely illustrative criterion: to show different times and moments of the writer's live. "The idea to make this sample came from a visit that I made to the Alejandrina Library a one and half year ago – says - and from a commentary that the Argentinien ambassador said to me, Osvaldo Pascual, about the importance that a exhibition of these characteristics could have for the cultural relations between both countries".

Although Borges has any massive diffusion in Egypt, his work is translated and you can find it in a lot of bookstores of this country. It is also object of reading in the intellectual circles of the country.

“Borges, manuscripts and images" can be visited in the Alejandrina Library until 1° of July.