The most well-known work of Cervantes translated to quechua

It would be possible to be said that El Quijote has gone until the Andes. Recently the first and only translation to quechua of the most famous work of Cervantes has appeared in Madrid. El Quijote has been translated to more than 70 languages, among them the Chinese, the Thailander or indi, and now it has arrived to the quechua language, the fourth language more spoken in America and the largest native language of the Latin American continent.

“Huh k’iti, La Mancha llahta sutiyuhpin, mana yuyarina markapi, yaqa kay watakuna kama...”, like this begins in quechua the famous "En un lugar de la Mancha..." of El Quijote, a translation presented recently in the America House of Madrid with the presence of the Secretary of State of International Cooperation, Leire Pajín and the Latin American General Secretary, Enrique Iglesias.

The translator of this work has been the theologian and journalist of 82 years old Demetrio Túpac, who needed more than six months to finish it. "This has it to be read by everybody", affirms Túpac, "because all of us have those ideals inside, like the search of justice or the love to the truth and also in the other side, the passion of Sancho to live, to eat and to be able to sleep in a comfortable place: they are the two sides of a person. The human and the intellectual part that this book has and now it can be read in quechua, the most exact and perfect language to structure the nice thoughts of the humans, as a professor of the University of New York said to me ", explains Demetrio Túpac.

For Demetrio Túpac the most difficult thing was to understand and to put in the language of century XVII. "It is thought that we are only ten million people who speak quechua, but that is not true because we are much many, since we continued speaking it in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, so more than at least 20 million people daily love, hate and discuss in quechua", assures Túpac.