The foreigners who are learning Spanish in Spain are often impressed when they listen conversations of young people in the underground, the street, the bus... Although they often speak a language that the foreigners know and have studied in their country, they do not understand what those boys or girls are saying. In this article we are going to deal with some of these youthful expressions.

Montarse una película
It means to dream, to have absurd imaginations about a subject, to think without coherence. Teenagers have assimilated that a film explains a fictitious history and they are conscious of the unreallity of this histories. For the same reason it is also said montarse una historia . Sometimes the history is a sentimental or sexual relationship.

Simplemente porque nos liamos una noche ya se ha montado una película y ahora piensa que vamos a salir juntos.

Agarrar una mierda que te cagas
This is one of the most eschatological and dirty expression of the Spanish language, but the true is that the young people use this expression a lot. In one side “mierda” here is synonymous of a drunk and “que te cagas” means in this case a lot, very big. The all expression means: “to be very very drunk”. The names in Spanish to define the ethylic states are many, for example: pedo o pedal, castaña, cogorza, toña, moña, trompa, breva, merluza, mona...

Cuando se enteró que había aprobado la selectividad, agarró una mierda que te cagas.

Ir de marcha
The word "marcha" in general indicates fun, energy, vitality, enthusiasm. With this expression teenagers talk about to go out to have drink, to enjoy themselves with the friends, to dance and to have fun.

Hoy es el último día del curso de español y hemos quedado con los profesores y el resto de los estudiantes extranjeros para salir de marcha ¿te apuntas?

Tú flipas / alucinas
Expression very usual in the first years of the century XXI, that means that a person talks nonsense, or who does not have clear ideas, makes mistakes or says exaggerated things.
The variants are flipante , to designate an amused, strange, exaggerated thing... and flipe, that indicates an action with the same characteristics. Flipar en colores is an expression that increases the meaning of the original word and which alludes, naturally, to the hallucinogenic sensations of some drugs.

¿Que me he enrollado con Juan esta noche? ¡Tú flipas! Ya le gustaría a él.

Tirar los tejos
This expression is used to try to conquer or to make a girl or a boy fall in love. It means to make love proposals, to say comments with the purpose of getting the affection of a person.

¿Sabes que el otro día estabas muy guapa en la fiesta? Lo siento, no puedo evitar tirarte los tejos, pero es que me gustas mucho.