In this article we are going to explain you some Spanish sayings very peculiar because they make reference to the value and courage idea. At the same time, we will take the opportunity to explain you the situations in which it is possible to be used and the origin of some them.

El que quiera peces, que se moje el culo
This saying suggests that each person must fight to get what he or she desires. And at the same time, this expression is used when we want to express that we are not prepared to take a risk f or to work for the others.

El que algo quiere, algo le cuesta / Quien algo quiere, algo le cuesta
This proverbial expression affirms the necessity to take with patience and courage the tasks that provide us pleasures or another kind of goods. It refers to the effort and risk we must take to obtain our wishes or desires.

Más vale maña que fuerza
This famous proverb affirms that the ability and the skill are, frequently, more useful than the brute force. In the History of the Humanity as well as in the History of Literature numerous examples exist that corroborate this saying. Without doubt, one of the most known is the episode of David and Goliat. The young David faced the powerful giant with a sling and a pebble, and with these arms he killed the big giant Goliat. With this history it is proved that value and courage do not reside in the brute force but in intelligence and ability.

Al mal tiempo, buena cara
This well-known proverb recommends us to be patience with the misfortunes. It also reveals the courage necessary to face up to the adversity and confront the life's misfortunes in good mood.

Mal de muchos, consuelo de tontos
This saying criticizes the apathy and negligence in front of misfortunes, when they affect us at the same time as to other people. This saying recommends us the action, specially to find a solution to the disadvantages, without considering if these concern to others.

Por preguntar, nada se pierde
This expression emphasizes the necessity to react with audacity even with temerity. The popular wisdom recommends to leave our shyness, specially in the cases in which we run any risk.