The city of Jaca, situated in the middle of the Pyrenees, will host for the first time in the history of Spanish sport, the European Youth Olympic Festival Jaca 2007, a winter sports competition born under the auspices of the European Olympic Committees and the International Olympic Committee.

Started by the actual president of the IOC/CIO, Jacques Rogge in 1991, the European Youth Olympic Festival (FOJE/EYOF) is a sports manifestation of the European Olympic Committees for high-level athletes within the youth category, who in the future will be called upon to be winter sports protagonists on the world stage.The best 1,200 athletes and trainers between the ages of 15 and 18 from more than 40 European countries will meet in Jaca and at the ski resorts of the Aragonese Pyrenees during the second half of February 2007.

Previous winter FOJE/EYOF editions were celebrated in Vuokatti (Finland) in 2001, Bled (Slovenia) in 2003 and Monthey (Switzerland) in 2005.In the closing ceremony of this last edition, the city of Jaca took over the organization for the following games.


The city of Jaca will inaugurate a new, high-class ice rink at the time of the European Youth Olympic Festival of 2007.
The new pavilion was designed by the architectural team of Coll-Barreu and stands out due to its innovative, avant-garde, original and emblematic character. Coll-Barreu’s proposal won the Ideas Tender summoned by the Jaca 2007 Foundation and to which 17 prestigious firms in the country had been invited to participate. Five teams reached the final phase, all of which had an extensive trajectory in designing sports facilities although the winning preliminary plan obtained the unanimity from the judging panel.

The new building, that will cost about 20 million euros, is distinguished by its dome-shaped structure, which is formed by a membrane that alternates with an opaque, glass and steel surface. The creators have defined it as a ‘drop of water’ that evokes typical elements found in Pyrenees weather and which harmoniously integrates itself within the mountainous surroundings.

The façade drops out of sight and the roof flows to the ground. In order to avoid the abrupt reductions of the need for acclimatization, the dome displays greater transparencies towards the north and is more protected on the south side. The pavilion will have an ice surface of 2706, 22 square meters, divided into two tracks; one for competition with Olympic measurements and the other, smaller in size, for recreational and complementary uses.Indeed, this is yet another one of the most significant elements of the new pavilion. This new structure will be built next to the existing ice rink, which will be demolished after celebrating the European Youth Olympic Festival.

The old ice rink, inaugurated in 1972, marked the beginning of a new era in the urban-planning development of the city and in its direction as a tourist location. Its frantic activity in this time has turned Jaca into the indisputable ice sports centre of the country as well as a reference point for other locations. The new pavilion is born with the vocation to continue and to reinforce that work.

European Youth Olimpic Festival 2007