In this article we want to explain you some expressions of everyday use with the verb ser, that usually don't appear in the dictionaries but they are very used in the teenagers fields.

1.- Ser una María / una Maruja
This expression is used in student atmospheres to express that a subjet is easy to pass. In Spain the “María” subjets of a academic course are usually: religion, handicrafts, gymnastics…

No entiendo cómo Juan ha aprobado el español, si realmente no es una María. Muy poca gente consigue aprobar el examen a la primera.

2.- Ser un hortera
It makes reference to a person with little taste of dressing (in agreement with the fashion), with a chic musical pretentious, of extravagant but little attractive gestures. The word and its current use derive from the old “horteras” or market gardeners, who were going to the cities to sell their lettuces, potatoes, beans. More properly “hortera” was called the young man of the market, without refinement nor urban culture. This negative sense that already had in those days has extended to everything what it does not agree with the fashion.

Felipe es un hortera. Te has fijado la ropa tan extravagante que lleva siempre cuando de marcha.

3.- Ser un muermo
To be a very boring or no interesting person. Apparently, the origin of this expression comes from the comparison between the beasts that suffered from “muermo”, an infectious disease of the cavalries, and the situation of a person submitted to the boredom and the apathy.

Es una lástima pero realmente no aguanto a Luis, es un auténtico muermo. Empieza a hablar y como siempre tiene el mismo tono de voz, al poco rato ya me estoy durmiendo.

4.- Ser un empollón
To be a grind or swot. Pejorative or humorous expression which a person makes fun of other one that spends hours and hours studying. The position of study, seated in front of a table and the long spaces of time that “empollones” dedicate to their task, have suggested the image of a hen brooding their eggs. The hen, indeed, dedicates long time on its shells and she must remain in that position without moving to provide heat to its young birds.

No me extraña que haya aprobado el examen de física. Es un empollón y seguro que se ha pegado todo el fin de semana estudiando.

5.- Ser algo una gozada
This expression is applied to the things very amused. excellent, good, pleasant. A “gozada” is an intense enjoyment or a joy (Latin, gaudeum ). In general it is not applied to physical sensations of sexual type but rather to those amused and pleasant activities.

Tienes que probar saltar en paracaídas. ¡Es una auténtica gozada sentirte flotando en el aire!

6.- Ser un cardo
It is said of the ugly girls, little attractive or whose social attitude is distant. The origin of this expression comes from the comparison with the thorny plant “cardo”. For the very talkative people, and with preference for gossip women, the expression used is ser un loro / una cacatúa it means to be a parrot/ a cockatoo. And for fat girls or whose physical appearance is not adapted to the wished thinness it used the expression ser una foca / vaca that means to be a seal/cow,

La pobre Carmen es un cardo. Por mucho que se arregle e intente ponerse guapa, nunca lo consigue.