We often speak without really realizing where the words come from; why we use a particular word and not another one for saying something. It's peculiar to know the origin of our language, the Spanish and in many cases, we see that it is simply an anecdotal cause that create a word or term. In this article we are going to present you some peculiar words by its origins.

It is said that in the days of the Muslim presence in Spain, the Iberian remained in walled enclosures, dedicated to its works, but with the arms piled up to the center of the fort. When the watch sighted Muslims shouted “To the weapon!” ¡Al arma!(run to take your arms to defend us).

By the island of Pharos in the Nile's estuary, near Alexandria where in the year 280 AC were constructed a great marble tower as a guide for the boats. The Light of Alexandria was considered one of the 7 wonders of the antiquity.

By the mythological animal of the same name, used usually to adorn the beginning of springs or sources.

There are many versions. According to one of them, this word comes from the Dutch "Janke" (Juanito), diminutive form of "Jan" (Juan), name that native colonizers of Netherlands (established in Manhattan) imposed to the English settlers of the states of New England, by the fact that Jhon was a typical name among them. "The Yankee" word was applied to first a the colonizers of New England, soon to the northerners in general and, finally, to all the Americans.

There are several versions. One of them says that in the war between Mexico and the United States in 1847, the North Americans dressed green uniforms and the Mexicans shouted to them "green go home".

University created by Tolomeo in Alexandria, to which it was called with this name to be dedicated to the Musas, Greek goddesses of the wisdom.