IV the Congress the International of the Spanish Language will take place in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) the next month of March of 2007 under the title the Presente y futuro de la lengua española: unidad en la diversidad. This congress continues the line of celebration initiated in Zacatecas (Mexico, 1997), Valladolid (Spain, 2001) and Rosario (Argentina, 2004).

The participation of 200 congressmen of all the Spanish speaker countries, members of the Academies of the Language and the Cervantes Institute is expected and representatives of all those sectors for which the language constitutes an essential element of its activity.

This act supposes an opportunity to think the situation and new challenges of the Spanish language in the world. The content of the Congress will be structured in four great blocks: Spanish as an instrument of Latin American integration, Spanish as a language of international communication, science technology, and the education and diffusion of the Spanish as a foreign language.

Spanish language is today, with his more than 400 million speakers, the fourth language more spoken in the world, after Chinese, English and hindi, and all indicates that the population increase will continue throughout century XXI. It is the official language of a twenty countries and one of the three languages that it's habitually considered official and a working language in many international organisms. In the last decades it has had a fast expansion in the worldwide education systems because it is considered, with the English language, a useful language in the present and in the future, reason why it has become the second language of international communication.

Previously to the congress academies of the language will meet to approve the new grammar of the Spanish language, and directors of Hispano-American universities with the Cervantes Institute will sign a definitive agreement of the unitary certificate of Spanish as a foreign language.