Controversy with 130 letters of Unamuno in auction

The University of Salamanca in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture will try to avoid the sale of 130 letters of Unamuno from exile in public auction. The initial price from which the auction starts with 132,000 euros. The lot to epistolary includes writings directed to his family during the stage of exile in Tenerife, Paris and Hendaya, to friends and other people at different times.

The letter presence that is not of familiar type in the lot that announces for auction will be the first base for the claim before the court. Unlike the writings directed to the family, that are property of this one, the other texts are property of the State, said the family.
The legal services of the University of Salamanca will initiate a series of legal actions to obtain the definitive recovery of those letters though the accreditation of the property, has indicated the director. The academic institution has firm titles to establish the ownership of the documents, although they are property of the State, they are entrusted in safekeeping by the University in the House-Museum Miguel de Unamuno.