Eduardo Lago has won the Nadal Prize of the 2006 with his novel Llámame Brooklyn. Lago has been residing in New York for 18 years and is professor of Spanish Literature in the New York university Farah Lawrence and collaborates in the supplement of El País Babelia.

According to the author, this novel "I have wanted to reflect the 18 years that I take living in Brooklyn. I took much more in seeing the personages with clarity, but there was a bar in Atlantic Avenue in which a series of interesting personages agreed, and it was leaving my novel ", and he added there later that the novel is" a tribute to the power and the mystery of the written word ", structured like a constellation of histories ".

Llámame Brooklyn is in certain way a love novel and friendship", said Lago. "Of love, because it is written for a woman, Nadia. And of friendship because it entails the relation between a writer of 30 years and one of over fifty, who take part in the definitive writing of the text".

In 2000, Lago published the book of trips Cuaderno de México and the one of narrative Cuentos dispersos, and in 2002 he won the Prize Bartholomé March for the best article of literary critic. He is also translator of authors like Henry James, John Barth, William Howells Dean, Sylvia Plath and Junot Diaz.