44 countries have already confirmed their participation next February in the European Youth Olympic Festival with 1,289 athletes and technical staff and 143 officials from the Olympic committees, a significant increase on the figure of 1,200 participants initially estimated. These figures confirm the great sporting success of the Festival and the reputation it has acquired over the last few years under the auspices of the international Olympic movement.

Some national committees, such as Austria and Germany, have requested a larger number of accreditations than those normally extended to each country. The delegations with the greatest number of participants are the Czech Republic, Finland and the Russian Federation.

Jaca 2007 has generated huge expectation and has enjoyed the support of the European Olympic Committees, which fully appreciate the significance of the Festival in the training and advancement of its athletes. It will doubtless be one of the most important winter sporting events ever celebrated in this country.

Proof of this is the ice-hockey tournament which the International Federation has now closed to inscriptions with the participation of teams from the leading countries in the world in this sport – Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovaquia and Switzerland. The Spanish Olympic Committee, the Superior Council of Sports and the Spanish Ice Sports Federation have finally confirmed the participation of the Spanish national team as hosts of the tournament – a great opportunity for the players to acquire invaluable experience.

With regard to the different sporting disciplines, downhill skiing will bring the highest number of participants, with a total of 228, followed by cross-country skiing with 180, biathlon with 174, snowboarding with 161, ice-hockey with 120 and figure skating with 103. The Spanish delegation will have 59 athletes, the most it has ever presented to an EYOF competition.

Fundación Jaca 2007