If you are thinking of taking part in taking part in a Spanish school in Spain, we sincerely recommend you to come to Jaca during the last week of July.

This year is the 45th International Folk Music and Dance Festival of the Pyrenees. From 28th July till 2nd August the city of Jaca will receive a total of 1200 participants from 18 countries of the five continents. An internacional feeling will dominate again the old city center.

The countries will participate this Summer are: the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Kenia, Egypt, Kirgyztan, Russia, Daghestan, Serbia, Scotland, Austria, Japan, Venezuela, Indonesia, Meriel Republic, France and Spain.

In this edition importants changes will be introduced as for exemple the daily route of the music groups that will be done in the old city. At the same time, a Japanese percussion music workshop will be hold also in Jaca and the famous Basque folk musician, Kepa Junkera, will play in the parallel festival Lunas del Mundo.

The origin of the Festival dates from 1963, year in which the first festival was held, and thereafter celebrated every two years alternating between Oloron (France) and Jaca. Held in the Spanish town on uneven years and in the French town on even years.

Further information you can find at: International Folk Festival Pyrenees