- Netwotk for Education, Jægerspris - Denmark (Coordinator)
- Mersin Merchant Marine Academy - Turkey
- Aula Hispánica, Jaca - Spain

“The global village” has come nearer to every community in Europe, because of increased travelling all over the world, the opening of the European Union to new countries, the admission of immigrants and refugees to the countries, and the influence of news coverage in worldwide media. In every part of Europe various cultures are meeting each other.

Our common project will try to help the mutual understanding between the citizens in our local communities. We hope, through education, intercultural dialogues, and meetings, to develop tolerance and respect for our common human rights to create understanding of the need of both rights and duties in a democratic society, and to increase the interest of being an active citizen in every participant.

The personal and professional experience of the participants will be enriched through everyday interaction between people who belong to different cultures and with different values,
meetings and seminars with participation from all six partner countries, and communication through electronic media.
The meeting with partners from the northern, southern, eastern, and western Europe will increase the interest in learning languages and hearing about the conditions for life in all parts of Europe, and at the same time give a knowledge of one’s personal and cultural identity.

The institutions will have the possibility of sharing teaching methods, such as role plays, pedagogical strategies, and ways of recruiting learners. Also experience of dissemination and contact with the local community can be passed on.

DURATION: 2006 - 2007

* Our partner Mersin Merchant Marine Academy from Turkey informed us very late that they couldn't continue with the project and because we were only three partners, the project had to be cancelled one year earlier.