Aula Hispánica has been taking part as a coordinator and a partner in four European Projects to increase the international relations with other language schools, training centers, institutions and organizations in which is taught Spanish as a foreign language and other foreign languages.

All started thanks to the information obtained by Centro de Adultos Alto Gallego, which had an excellent experience with its Grundtvig2 project "MEET" (Method Experience Exchanging Teachers). So they convinced us and we went to the Nacional Agency that informed to us what we we had to do. First of all, we had to choose a contact seminary to find partners and we decided to take part in one organized in Saariselkä (Finland) by its thematic "Promoting Adult Education in Rural Areas". We came back to Spain very satisfied with the experience of having known different training centers and European institutions which we would maintain very good professional relations in the future and with two projects that we had to present to the Nacional Agency in order to be evaluated. At the end of July they confirmed to us that both projects had been approved.

Through this participation in international programme, Aula Hispánica tries to increase its European dimension, to learn new didactic and methods of education used by other schools and centers abroad in order to be able to offer to our students a greater quality in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.