Spain has an extraordinary amount and variety of traditional festivities. Some of them are well known internationally such as Pamplona's Sanfermines and the Tomatina, an orgy of tomato-throwing. Almost all Spanish fiestas mark dates in the Catholic Christian calendar but many of them have origins stretching back to primitive pagan times.

Every village, town and city in Spain has at least one annual fiesta commemorating the feast day of a saint or manifestation of the Virgin, or a day in the Catholic liturgical calendar (see below). With over 15,000 fiestas a year across the country, there are more days of festivities than anyone could cram into a lifetime of fiesta-hopping.

Every fiesta is a unique combination of music and dance, theatre, fireworks, costumes, spectacle, special items of food and drink, and sometimes an element of risk or danger.

In some fiestas, the audience can join in. Bull-running is a popular way of getting adrenaline flowing - most famously in Los Sanfermines of Pamplona but also throughout Spain. Less dangerous is the wine battle in Haro (La Rioja) to mark the grape harvest and La Tomatina, a fight using overripe tomatoes as ammunition in Buñol near Valencia.

Here we show you the most important festivities in the Jacetania Region.

Patron saint's day of Jaca
- Saint Orosia and Saint Pedro, from 23th till 30th of June
- First Friday of May

Annual Fiestas in the Jacetania Region
- Carnival of Jaca. February
- Easter. March-April
- Saint Jorge. 23 de April (day of the book)
- Saint Indalecio procession in San Juan de la Peña Monastery. May
- Virgen de la Cueva procession in Oroel Mountain. May
- Expoforga Fair. Puente la Reina. June
- PIR Festival in the Valleys. First weekend of July
- Cyclo Race of the Jacetania. July
- Folkolric Festival in Jaca. First week of August (odd years)
- Pilgrim's Way Festival.Jacetania Region. August.
- Book Fair. August
- Open Canal Festival in Berdún. August
- Medieval Market. Jaca. August
- Recognition of the stones which indicate the border between Spain and France. Jaca-Somport. August
- Regional costume day. Ansó. Last Sunday of August
- Regional Day. First weekend of September
- Medium-Marathon of Castiello de Jaca. Last weekend of September
- Antiques Fair. Canfranc. First week of December