Andalusian schools and highschools have opened their doors to a group of 65 British directors to begin the “Plan de Plurilingüismo” or Plurilanguage plan, with the main objective of promoting the education of languages English and Spanish.

This initiative is fruit of an agreement signed the past 13 of October in the Embassy of Spain in London between the Education Council from Andalusia and British educative authorities. Thanks this agreement will benefit a total of 618 teachers and about 10,300 students of bilingual centers of all the community.

According to the Andalucian Education minister, Cándida Martinez, this project wants to promote the bilingual education of Spanish-Enlgish through the collaboration between the educative centers from United Kingdom and Andalusia. In this sense, it's planned the relationship between centers to organize exchanges between British and Andalusian students, to facilitate the linguistic immersion of the students who, besides to do language practices, they will be able to take contact with the other culture.

The initiative is not only focused in the English education, but it will also promote the training of students and British teachers in the Spanish language.

The main idea of this project is "to approach two great cultures" through English and Spanish, both languages of which the minister remembered that "they have million speakers and they represent also from the cultural perspective, a great English and Spanish Literature heritage recognized internationally".

Nowadays, amongst the 250 Andalusian public centers where bilingual lessons are taught in Andalusia, 206 have chosen English as a favorite language.

Granada Digital