Course addressed to non-native Spanish teachers who work in adult education centers and who have a minimum Spanish level equivalent to the intermediate B2 of European Common Marco. This course will show the results of the european project ESEDI (European Language Stage), coordinated by Aula Hispánica. It will be worked the selection of the best workshops and didactics implemented in the project. Maximum number of participants on the course will be limited to 15. They will be divided in two groups. The predominance of single country will be avoided as much as possible.

- To improve and to realize the linguistic ability of the participants.
- Using educational skills for teaching Spanish as a foreign language with the main aim to be used later in their respective groups of students.
- To learn new uses of Spanish in concrete fields.
- To establish future relationships between participants to encourage students exchange and to start future collaborations.

Programme: (day by day)
9.30h - 11.00h Presentation of ESEDI project, welcome and orientation
11.30h - 13.00h Warm up activities: voice, listening and body
15.30h - 17.00h Reading the ESEDI script of Spain
17.00h - 18.30h Watching the video of the perfomance in Jaca (Spain)
20.00h Wine tasting (optional)
9.30h - 11.00h Pronunciation, intonation and mood expressions
11.00h - 13.30h Visiting the monastery of San Juan de la Peña
15.30h - 17h Reading the ESEDI script of Bulgaria
17.00h - 18.30h Watching the video of the perfomance in Sofia (Bulgaria)
19.00h - 20.00h Exchange experiencies with local language teachers
9.30h - 11.00h Improvisation, role plays and different drama activities
11.30h - 13.00h Theatre methods to enrich vocabulary
15.30h - 17.00h Reading the ESEDI script of Romania
17.00h - 18.30h Watching the video of the perfomance in Iasi (Romania)
20.30h Tapas tasting (optional)
9.30h - 11.00h Mime and body language
11.30h - 13.00h Using the space in the classroom
15.00h - 16.00h Reading the ESEDI script of Germany
16.00h - 17.00h Watching the video of the perfomance in Berlin (Germany)
17.30h - 19.30h Walking a stretch of pilgrim's way to Santiago from Somport to Canfranc / optional
9.30h - 11.00h Working with short stories, tongue-twister etc.
11.30h - 13.00h Reading the ESEDI script of France
15.30h - 17.00h Watching the video of the perfomance in Le Puy (France)
17.00h - 17.30h Final evaluation of the training course
17.30h - 20.00h Free time
20.30h Farewell dinner (optional)

TRAINING COURSE LLP (life long learning):
We offer the possibility to apply for the training course by an european grant LLP.
Please, ask directly to your National Agency .

From 19/07/2015 to 25/07/2015

Deadline to apply: 04/03/2015

LOCATION: Jaca (Pyrenees, Huesca)

Course fee: 450 €
Cancellation: 150 €
Accommodation (single room + breakfast): 330 €

Aula Hispánica
Avda. Regimiento Galicia Nº15
Jaca – 22700
Tel: +34 / 974355390
E-mail: projects@aulahispanica.com