- Iberika, Berlin - Germany (coordinator)
- Community Action Dacorum – UK (partner)
- Aula Hispánica - Spain (partner)
- Asociatia Lectura si Scrierea pentru - Romania (partner)
- Laurea University of Applied Sciences - Finland (partner)
- e-Space Krzysztof Ci?pa?a – Poland (partner)
- Turk – Egitim Sen – Turkey (partner)
- Know and Can Association - Bulgaria (partner)

SMAT - Social Media & Adult Trainings utilises personal mobilities and ongoing discussion to provide a forum, in which adult education trainers discuss the teaching applications of social media. Although EU reports show the increasing usages of the internet and social media in general there are not many examples of successfully implemented methods for trainings based on social media. This partnership is sharing its knowledge in this area. Eight institutions of european adult education collaborate at the moment on creating concepts for the application of social media in adult education courses.

At this stage we are developing and testing social media based units for our courses.

So far we have had 5 international meetings and several national workshops:

- 1. meeting: Initial project meeting has already taken place in Spain / Jaca

- 2. meeting: presentations of the results of the questionnaires conducted in each country on teaching applications and social media tools for the teachings in Germany / Berlin

- 3. meeting: presentations of the national first drafts of social media based units with quality criteria in Poland / Rzeszów

- 4. meeting: discussing Quality Criteria and Final Structure of the digital Manual for Adult trainings with social media in Romania / Cluj

- 5. meeting: discussion of the content and layout of the final product e-book in UK / London

Next last meeting will take place in the Turkey / Bolu

DURATION: 2012 - 2014

For further information, we invite you to visit our site SMAT Facebook