Only fifteen minutes by car from Jaca, you will have the oportunity to discover the most unique and special caves you have ever seen in the Pyrenees before.

This is a valuable natural area which began to be formed during the glaciations of the Quaternary period and that still these days continues evolving and changing due to the action of water, which has transformed this place creating countless calcareous structures you can see and enjoy today.
During the Neolithic period, many men and women found shelter here, and this use went on until the year 300 A. C.
Much time later, it was used by witches who gathered to celebrate their rituals, by soldiers fighting different wars and by other people fond of this cave for different reasons.
Artificial light has recently been set.

In order to schedule a visit, please contact Sargantana (Shelter of Canfrac), in the village of Canfranc, at this phone number: 974-373217