The Bank of Santander has announced in China the agreement of cooperation between the University of Santander and three universities of northen China with which it is tried to reinforce the educative collaboration of high level and to improve the education of Spanish and Portuguese in the Asian country, according to the newspaper China Youth Daily.

The plan takes part of the ' Universia' program, a collaboration between university and company created ten years ago by the institution, although this is the first time that includes centers of an Asian country.

Jose Antonio Villasante, responsible of the program, emphasized the importance of the program "to reinforce the cooperation and the communication in economic and cultural subject matters with China and Latin America, that are currently the greater developing regions of the world", according to declarations written by the newspaper Diario el Pueblo. "Thanks to the agreement, signed with the universities of Tianjin, Harbin and Jiamusi this cooperation will be possible", added the newspaper.

During this first stage, students of these centers will have the possibility of doing exchanges with Brazil and improving their knowledge of the language as well and after with Spain with the University of Santander.

Europa Press