Gifts with great success during this Christmas in the United States have been bilingual toys thanks specially to the program television "Dora, the explorer", who deals with the adventures of a Hispanic girl who speaks Spanish and English.

"Dora began all this phenomenon. She is a celebrity for the children ", said Kelly Cullen, spoker of the giant of toys American stores Toys" R "U.S., referring to the tendency that began two or three years ago.

One of the popular toys lets the children to imagine Dora in adventures in a magical world while she encourages them in both languages. The girl's mobile phone of pink color, that also recognizes numbers in English and Spanish is in the best sold list.

"All the children in the kindergartens know Dora. And by using their toys all of them are exposed in one way to the Spanish ", said Amanda Lynch, manager of the store Tree Top Toys in Washington.

Spanish as economic motor

The popularity of the bilingual toys is also given by the American parents who look for teaching to their children a second language as soon as possible. "They see the necessity and success that you get when you can more than a language," commented Ana Lammersdorf, owner of the kindergarten in Potomac Falls, state of Virginia, to which go babies and children till to three years old.

Spanish would be a natural choice as a second language in the United States because Spanish-speakers are the minority group that grows more in this country, with more than 42 million people, in a total population of more than 300 million people. The Latin American children represent more of fifth of all the children with less than five years old in the United States, according to the Census Office.

The Spanish-speakers, are also becoming an increasing economic force, with a buying power that is expected it will reach the 863,000 million dollars in 2007, according to a report of the Selig Center for the Economic Growth of the Terry Businesses Faculty in the University of Georgia.

Terra / Reuters